CMI Level 7 Certificate Strategic Management and Leadership

CMI Level 7 Strategic ManagementThe CMI Level 7 Certificate Strategic Management and Leadership is a post-graduate senior management qualification suitable for practising senior managers with the authority and ability to translate organisational strategy into operational performance.

It is expected that participants will already have substantial management knowledge gained either through extensive management experience and/or a previous management qualification at level 5.

Aspiring senior managers with 3+ years middle or operational experience an exposure to organisational business planning processes may also study this strategic management qualification.

It is part of a suite of management qualifications offered at this level which include Award, Certificate, and Diploma.

This Certificate in Strategic Managment and Leadership can be achieved with two units and provides a good development package. You can choose two units from the list. Your choice of units must meet the credit requirements.

The course price covers two units, if you wish to study additional units please contact us for a price.

You can select from the full range of CMI Level 7 Strategic Management and Leadership units. Units chosen must total 13 Credits.


Distance Learning management qualification awarded by the CMI
Duration: 3-4 months | Fee: 840 | Enrolment: flexible any time enrolment

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Your CMI Level 7 Certificate in Management and Leadership will last for four months although you can complete sooner if you wish. Most people complete within three months.

During this time you will be allocated a tutor who will be your personal guide, mentor and coach. They will be an expert in their field and distance learning. You can be confident that their support and help will give you every opportunity to be can contact them as often as you need.

Your personal tutor will also assess the work you have to submit for your qualification. They will provide you with full written feedback.

You will also have 24/7 access to our on-line portal where you will be able to access all your study resources. On the portal you will find your course text for each unit which can be read on-line or downloaded and printed.

Our portal also contains additional research resources to help you maximise your study time and assignment guides to help you with assignments.

You will also benefit from student membership of the CMI.

Once you have enrolled you will be emailed your joining instructions which will enable to to immediately access our learning portal and all of your learning materials. we will then allocate a tutor to you and register you with the Institute.

Delivery method


Our courses are delivered through highly supportive distance learning using a combination of personal tutor support and access to i-cademy our on-line learning portal.

On enrolment you will receive instructions on how to gain immediate access to the i-cademy learning portal where you will find all your learning materials and other study resources available for immediate viewing and download.

You will also be allocated a personal tutor who will guide you through your course, undertake telephone tutorials and assess all of your course assignments.

You will need a PC, Laptop, Notebook or tablet with sound, internet access, and meet minimum browser requirements of: Firefox 4+, Internet Explorer 8, Safari 5, Google Chrome 11, or Opera 9. You will need to disable pop-up blockers and enable cookies for the learning portal.

If you would prefer not to use our online portal and use traditional distance learning with physical workbooks and learning materials please let us know in advance as we are more than happy to provide this for an additional fee.



The CMI Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership consists of two units of learning.

In order to achieve this management qualification you must successfully complete a written work-based assignment of around 3,000-3,500 words for each unit studied.

The standard of work is postgraduate.

Unit Choices


To achieve this qualification you must study two units with a total credit value of 13.

You have a free choice over the units you wish to study. The units available for the Level 7 Strategic Management and Leadership qualification range are:

7001V1 Personal leadership development as a strategic manager   Credit: 6

Content includes: the impact of strategic objectives on the manager, identifying strategic management, the role of personal development in meeting strategic objectives, meeting organisational health and safety requirements.

7002V1 Strategic performance management   Credit: 7

Content includes: setting objectives to meet strategic requirement, managing performance to meet the strategic objectives and direction of the organisation, politics and influencing.

7003V1 Financial Management   Credit: 7

Content includes: understanding and using financial management information, developing and reviewing budgets and evaluating financial proposals.

7004V1 Strategic information management   Credit: 9

Content includes: use and manage information for strategic analysis, decision making tools, monitoring and improving MIS.

7005V1 Conducting a strategic management project   Credit: 10

Content includes: identifying, research and undertaking a work related project, including reviewing the impact of the project and the production of a management report.

7006V1 Reviewing organisational strategy, plans and performance   Credit: 9

Content includes: strategic planning process, conducting situational analysis, developing strategic options.

7007 Financial planning (not offered by us)

Content includes: creating strategic financial plans, risk analysis, sources of corporate finance, evaluating financial plans. Credit:6

7008V1 Developing a marketing strategy   Credit: 6

Content: understanding key strategic marketing concepts, developing and implementing a marketing plan, dealing with risk.

7009V1 Strategic project management   Credit: 6

Content includes: understanding the impact of strategic projects, sponsoring strategic projects, developing and monitoring a project plan.

7010V1 Organisational change   Credit: 7

Content includes: understanding change models, tools and techniques, developing strategies for change, evaluating the impact of change strategies.

7011V1 Strategic planning   Credit: 9

Content includes: translating strategic objectives into action, strategic planning, risk and impact analysis.

7012V1 Strategic Human resource planning   Credit: 8

Content includes: how HR planning impacts on the strategic plan, legal frameworks, the effect of organisational culture, discipline, grievance and the law.

7013V1 Being a strategic leader   Credit: 7

Content includes: the role of the senior manager, the impact of leadership styles, contributing to strategic objectives, empowerment and understanding organisational.

7014V1 Strategic leadership Practice   Credit: 7

Content includes: balancing strategic management and leadership requirements, strategic leadership strategies, empowerment, the impact of values on leadership.

Make a note of the units you wish to study you will need the information when you enrol.


What’s included: Fees are fully inclusive and cover:

  •  24/7 access to our on-line portal
  • all study materials
  • additional research resources to help you maximise your study time
  • assignment guides to help you with assignments
  • unlimited, pro-active support from your own experienced personal tutor for the course duration
  • registration with the CMI for the qualification
  • student membership of the CMI
  • VAT

Enrolment There are two options:

  • pay in full – for which a small discount in already included in the price
  • Pay by instalments options – only available to individuals paying their own fees

If your employer is paying for your fees and requires an invoice first please download an enrolment form, complete and return it to us. To enrol and pay on-line please use the payment links below.

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  • Percentage of people identifying improvement in thier performance 90% 90%
  • Businesses reported qualifications were a good investment 78% 78%
  • People reporting they were able to pass on new skills to their team 81% 81%
  • Percentage of people who will recommend a CMI qualification to others 96% 96%