Level 7 Professional Consulting  Courses


The Level 7 Professional Consulting qualification range has been developed for experienced consultants who now want to develop their skills to lead consultancy interventions and teams, working closely with clients to achieve organisational change.

The consulting qualifications are also suitable if you have significant expertise in your own functional area or are a seasoned project manager or senior/middle manager with exposure to business planning and strategic thinking.

These qualifications are awarded by the Chartered Management Institute and Institute of Consulting.

Three qualifications are available at this level: the Award Certificate, and Diploma. The difference between these three options is the number of units you study and pass. Each unit is given a “credit value”, and for each qualification there is a minimum number of “credits” to achieve.

So you can choose the size of qualification that is just right for you. Later you can add more units and “upgrade” your qualification until you obtain the Diploma.

Award = 1 unit (6 Credits)   Certificate = 2/3 units (13 credits)   Diploma = 7 units (52 credits)

Apart from the Diploma option where certain units are mandatory, it is possible to have some choice over the units you wish to study.

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