Level 7 Diploma Professional Consulting

Distance Learning management qualification awarded by the Institute of Consulting and Chartered Management Institute
Duration: 12 months | Fee: £2340 | Enrolment: flexible start anytime enrolment


This professional consulting diploma qualification is suitable for seasoned consulting practitioners and individuals who have gained significant expertise in their own functional area or senior/middle management.

It is part of a suite of professional consulting qualifications offered at this level which include Award, Certificate, and Diploma.


To achieve the Diploma there are four mandatory units and three units from the optional choice list.

Core units: 7026, 7027, 7030, 7031

Option units: Three from 7028, 7024, 7025, 7029, 7002, 7006, 7009, 7010

Suitable participants include:

  • Existing internal or external consultants
  • Experienced Managers wishing to extend their range and develop their consultancy skills
  • Experienced functional specialists seeking to expand their remit and consulting activities
  • Seasoned project managers operating in a total business context
  • Middle and Senior managers seeking a career change

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Your Level 7 Diploma in Professional Consulting course will last for twelve months although you can complete sooner if you wish. Most people complete within ten months.

During this time you will be allocated a tutor who will be your personal guide, mentor and coach. They will be an expert in their field and distance learning. You can be confident that their support and help will give you every opportunity to be successful.you can contact them as often as you need.

Your personal tutor will also assess the work you have to submit for your qualification. They will provide you with full written feedback.

You will also have 24/7 access to our on-line portal where you will be able to access all your study resources. On the portal you will find your course text for each unit which can be read on-line or downloaded and printed.

Our portal also contains additional research resources to help you maximise your study time and assignment guides to help you with assignments.

You will also benefit from student membership of the Institute of Consulting.

Once you have enrolled you will be emailed your joining instructions which will enable to to immediately access our learning portal and all of your learning materials. we will then allocate a tutor to you and register you with the Institute.



The Level 7 Diploma in Professional Consulting  consists of seven units of learning.

In order to achieve this consulting qualification you must successfully complete a written work-based assignment of around 3,000-3,500 words for each unit studied.

The standard of work is postgraduate.

Unit Choices


To achieve the Level 7 Diploma in Professional Consulting qualification you must study seven units totalling 52 credits.

For the Diploma you will study the following units:

Mandatory Units: 7026, 7027, 7030, 7031

Option units: Three from 7028, 7024, 7025, 7029, 7002, 7006, 7009, 7010, 7020

7030 Managing consultancy interventions: Credit Value 6
Content includes: Explores different models and approaches for managing consulting interventions together with individual consulting style, the consulting cycle identifying the main risks to success and strategies to overcome these.

7027 Entry and diagnosis: Credit Value 9
Content includes: examines the initial entry and diagnosis stage of the consulting cycle, how to develop a positive client relationship, identify client needs and produce an effective proposal.

7026 Organisational structure and culture: Credit Value 8
Content includes: explores organisational culture and structure, their impact upon the client organisation, diagnostic tools, techniques and change management models to support the work of the consultant.

7031 Tools and techniques for effective consulting: Credit Value 9
Content includes: understanding of a wide range of tools of analysis used for effective problem diagnosis, situation analysis, problem solving and decision making and how to use them in a structured way in various stages of the consulting cycle

7028 Group dynamics and facilitating skills: Credit Value 7
Content includes: discusses the impact of group dynamics, leading groups and teams, strategies for developing and maintaining productive working relationships, managing group dynamics and the role of facilitation within consulting.

7029 Communication strategies for consulting: Credit Value 7
Content includes: explore how to create effective communication strategies, deploy effective communication skills to build relationships and communicate effectively with clients.

7024 Professional practice: Credit Value 6
Content includes: understanding the professional and ethical standards to which consultants should work, codes of conduct, confidentiality, and dealing with ethical dilemmas.

7025 Professional development in consulting : Credit Value 7
Content includes: examines the importance of professional development in the consulting environment, the Consulting Competency Framework, managing own CPD, the development of own team and development of clients employees

7002 Strategic performance management: Credit Value 7
Content includes: examining the performance of organisations and strategic business units, effective business planning and target setting, managing business unit performance, organisational politics, and delegation and influencing skills.

7006 Organisational direction: Credit Value 9
Content includes: reviewing the client’s organisational strategic aims and objectives, creating corporate strategies, the strategic planning process, situational analysis and strategic options modelling.

7009 Strategic project management: Credit Value 6
Content includes: strategic project planning, working with project sponsors and stakeholders, project planning, gaining agreement to implementation managing and handing over the project

7010 Organisational change: Credit Value 7
Content includes: understanding change models, tools and techniques, developing strategies for change, evaluating the impact of change strategies.

7020 Leadership coaching and mentoring skills: Credit Value 7
Content includes: developing skills and practices that support coaching and mentoring. You will learn about ethical issues, the creation of coaching and mentoring plans and how to overcome resistance.


What’s included: Fees are fully inclusive and cover:

  •  24/7 access to our on-line portal
  • all study materials
  • additional research resources to help you maximise your study time
  • assignment guides to help you with assignments
  • unlimited, pro-active support from your own experienced personal tutor for the course duration
  • registration with the CMI for the qualification
  • student membership of the CMI
  • VAT

Enrolment There are two options:

  • pay in full – for which a small discount in already included in the price
  • Pay by instalments options – only available to individuals paying their own fees

If your employer is paying for your fees and requires an invoice first please download an enrolment form, complete and return it to us. To enrol and pay on-line please use the payment links below.

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  • Percentage of people identifying improvement in thier performance 90% 90%
  • Businesses reported qualifications were a good investment 78% 78%
  • People reporting they were able to pass on new skills to their team 81% 81%
  • Percentage of people who will recommend a CMI qualification to others 96% 96%