Distance Learning for Managers and Consultants

Professional distance learning courses have become increasingly popular over recent years, the sheer number of people taking a distance learning degree is testament to that. Distance learning offers managers and consultants the flexibility they need in the 21st century business environment. After studying through distance learning with us many people go on to study an MBA by distance learning too.

Distance learning is flexible off-site learning that allows you to study a programme identical to any traditional, on-site qualification, but with real convenience built in.

With distance learning you can study for your professional consultancy or management qualification at home, work or even when travelling. We provide you with professionally developed distance learning materials that take the place of traditional classroom lectures.

You are supported by expert tutors over the telephone, email, and through online forums.

Distance learning is not a solitary event, just an alternative way of studying. There are many advantages particularly for those who do not live locally to a course provider, or who want the freedom to study when and where they like within a structured personal timetable.


What can I expect on my distance learning course

Course Induction

An online eLearning module to familiarise you with your course, how to navigate the learning portal and how assignments are marked.

Course Learner Handbook

This will tell you all about the course, how it is organised and assessed. It also tells you about us, our policies and how to contact us.

Course Calendar

Most courses have a logical order to them, and key points when it’s best to tackle any assignment. To make it easy for you to get organised and succeed we have produced a course calendar for every course. This sets out the best order to study specific units, and how much time you might need to set aside for each one.

Your tutor will use this with you to agree your own personal timetable and key dates for sending in assignments for marking.

Course Learning Texts

We provide receive professionally produced, clearly laid out materials that will enable you to acquire all the knowledge you need to be successful in your studies. They take you through your subject just like lectures would, but with the added advantage of being a constant reference and source of support.

Our materials are developed specifically to provide sequential learning with continual self-assessment. In this way you can pace yourself and identify when you need any extra help and support.

Research Centre

On our portal you will find a research centre for every unit of study which contains articles, book chapters web links, videos and more. We take the hassle out of researching the topic.

Assignment Support

For every unit there is an assessment centre which contains the assignment, help notes to support you when you tackle the assignment as well as example assignments.

Tutor support

You will be allocated a tutor who will be your personal guide, mentor and coach. They will be an expert in their field and distance learning management. You can be confident that their support and help will give you every opportunity to be successful in your consultancy or management qualification.

Your tutor will support you in a proactive way. They will contact you soon after you receive your learning pack and will agree your own personal timetable with you. We know that life sometimes gets in the way so if you need to change it, you simply contact your tutor.

They will explain how and when you can contact them, and there are no restrictions on how often you can do this. They will also initiate contact with you to check your progress and provide support and motivation.

Your personal tutor will also assess the work you have to submit for your qualification. They will provide you with full written feedback.

As well as support from your tutor, you will be able to contact our learner services department at any time.

Questions about our management and leadership qualifications

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  • Percentage of people identifying improvement in thier performance 90% 90%
  • Businesses reported qualifications were a good investment 78% 78%
  • People reporting they were able to pass on new skills to their team 81% 81%
  • Percentage of people who will recommend a CMI qualification to others 96% 96%